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quote of ads newt gingrich and the pacs have run in florida in a span of two weeks ahead of primary day. 210. total. look at mitt romney, not to scale, right? don't even bother making a graph. i'm sorry. it looks like that is what, a third of 12,000? not to scale. mitt romney at 12,768. so yeah, he's winning. the democratic -- the worst bar graph in the history of cable news. that is astonishing. the democratic party circulated this comparative figure today without the worst graph ever, to give their spin on how mitt romney has put together this win in florida. florida also has early voting, so that also takes away a little of the drama for florida because any bump that mr. gingrich might have gotten out of his win in south carolina was muted by the fact so many floridians had cast their ballots in the race.
within the state of florida. a busy hour this morning. hi, everybody and welcome to the florida primary day super tuesday here at msnbc. i'm thomas roberts and for the next full hour we'll look at all the factors that affect today's critical vote, and right now mitt romney is visiting his has florida campaign headquarters and voteers from 67 counties hit the polls. five of those counties especially crucial in making or breaking his chances. they are are pinellas conti, seminole county, miami-dade, duvall and escambia county. despite big wins in conservative northeast and southwest florida, we've got the best reporters on the trail for you this morning. nbc's peter alexander is live for us in tampa. also nbc's ron mott live for us in lakeland. peter, start with you. the tampa region is going to account for 26% of this primary electorate. what is the romney campaign doing today in the final hours for the big push to attract the voters they want in tampa? >> reporter: yeah, thomas. a good question. following the same strategy throughout the course of the campaign. back to campaign headquar
is the florida republican chairman joining us on this "newsmakers." that you begin by asking you about the timing of the florida primary. they moved it up to influence the process. are you having the influence you wanted? >> let me talk about how that happened. the legal authority about the primary date rests with the florida legislature. the republican party of florida has no authority in that. all throughout the process, we said we agreed that florida should be early and should be by itself. our voice would represent what we are in the states, large, diverse. we should be heard loud and clear. when the committee made the decision to move our primary to january 31, they were acting in what they believe is in the best interests of the republicans in the state del florida. given the way things have played out, it looks like it has worked out. florida is it. it is competitive. whatever happens on tuesday will send a clear message to the country. >> you got penalized. you lose half of your delegates. they will have the same number of delegates at the convention, but they will work -- be worth half.
. >> brett: good evening, i'm brett baier coming live from central florida. we're on harbor island just across the water from the site of the 2012 republican convention here in tampa. the beautiful bright sunshine of this state has been a stark contrast to the increasingly dark tone of the presidential campaign and it's taken in the last week. tonight the two main combatants are wrapping up what has been a very negative campaign. carl cameron begins our coverage. >> reporter: trailing in florida polls on the eve of the primary, gingrich attacked romney from all angles. >> pro-abortion, pro-gun control pro gay rights, why would they think he is going to be able to debate barack obama? >> he has been pro-gun and pro-abortion for 12 years and he thinks he is self-destructive. >> gingrich. >> governor romney is extraordinarily insensitive to religion freedom in america. i didn't know about the kosher food being cut out by governor romney until the "new york post" reported it yesterday. every time we peel the onion back. >> he said she voted the bill because he would have increased the taxpa
're wauchg watching the time primary votes being cast in the florida primary. >> a big night in the republican race and anything could still happen. >>> governor romney has an enormous amount of money but we have an enormous amount of people. >> mitt romney needs to drag him down. >> he's gone from pillar to post. a pinball machine. >> a two-man grudge match in a four-man race. >> there's a lot of folks who talk tough. what makes you tough is at your core. >> no way going to stop the momentum that we have started. >> who will return to florida this summer? as the republican nominee? >> i will go all the way to the convention. i expect to win the nomination. >> we're going to be in this race for a long time. >> forget everything you thought you knew about the presidential field. >> this is the beginning of a long, hard slog. >> we're going to take back the white house. we're going to take back our country. >> the nomination is up for grabs. the conventional wisdom is out the window. and florida will change the game again. >>> hello from the cnn election center. i'm john king.
the turnout numbers today. i did vote. i did work for governor romney in 2008 in florida. a very different campaign then. governor romney was not as well known as he is now after four years of being visible and campaigning for president. so the task in florida was very different four years ago. we needed to create an environment where people would be willing to listen and learn more about governor romney. we were very effective in getting early endorsements that i think it was significant for the romney campaign this time because they signed again people like speaker allen benz from panama city, former house speaker very well respected in the republican party here, john thrasher, former state party chairman and now state senator from the jacksonville area. very involved on the part of mitt romney. now president of the american conservative union was very involved with the romney campaign, particularly in recruiting hispanic leadership. the task was to get the governor known here and to make people ameanable to listening more about him. one of the challenges in 2008 is that the resources ag
, and the winner takes it all in florida today. mitt romney so confident, he's literally singing on the campaign trail. but even with polls showing a big lead, the attacks on gingrich haven't let up. can he score a double-digit win? gingrich has been outspent 4-1, but he's unleashed new attacks and rolled out a series of new backers to try and catch romney again, or at least beat the spread. but will this new crew of supporters stick with him after florida? >>> and the rapidly changing hispanic demographic in florida isn't just impacting the republicans. we'll hear how democrats are also rethinking how they will target this critical swing state. it's tuesday, january 31st, 2012. this is a special edition of "the daily rundown" coming to you from nbc's election headquarters here in new york city. i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my "first reads" of the morning. polls are open in the sunshine state. if mitt romney wins tonight, is it the beginning of the end of the republican primary or more of the end of the beginning? monday in a five-city rush through the state, gingrich claimed he'll be in t
you live now to west palm beach florida where the republican party is holding its lincoln dinner. newt gingrich is one of the featured speakers at tonight's dinner. we also expect to hear from congressman alan west who represents west palm beach. the event will be getting underway in earnest at about 8:30 p.m. we will be bringing that to you live. right now, here is a preview of tuesday's florida primary results, what we can expect, from today's washington journal. host: the florida primary our topic for the next 45 minutes. joining us now is susan macmanus political science professor from the university of south florida. in the days leading up to next week's primary what particularly are you looking at as far as signs about who will win and who will be victorious? guest: a lot of people do not like to talk about polls as being meaningful, but we are. and we have seen a shift in momentum since the campaign came to florida. romney is on the up right now. newt gingrich lost a little bit of ground. this week will be critical for the undecided voters, and of course the candidates are comi
the doors were open. >>> in northern florida, interstate 75 is closed after a string of crashes overnight that killed at least nine people. officials tell us the highway will be closed in that area for most of today. the sheriff's office says visibility was poor because of smoke from a nearby brushfire. >>> all right, in just two days, florida's primary, most delegate rich contest so far. and candidate newt gingrich is heading into it with a new endorsement. >> i hereby officially and enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president of the united states! >> will herman cain's backing influence primary voters in the sunshine state? a live report straight ahead. >>> and now to the campaign trail, extending beyond florida. ron paul spent the weekend in maine where several towns are holding caucuses over the next several weeks. rick santorum did some fund raising in washington, d.c. yesterday, but skipped appearances today in florida to be with his young daughter who is being hospitalized in philadelphia. >>> newt gingrich and mitt romney, they're both campaigning all over the state of fl
in florida. he's already cultivating ties with the cuban-american community and mitt romney will have a tough time explaining his opposition to the dream act, which is a bill that would lead to a path to citizenship for young latinos in this country. newt gingrich said he's in favor of portions of that bill. mitt romney said he would veto that act and newt gingrich would be very popular in the central part of the state. that's sarah palin country and sarah palin, she sort of endorsed newt gingrich here in south carolina. so buckle your seat belts. >> candy crowley is at romney headquarters. it was interesting to hear governor romney's speech tonight, talking a lot about obama, but he did throw a few references towards newt gingrich, though not using the candidate by name. we anticipate that is going to change in the next couple of days. he's squarely got to go after newt gingrich, right? >> reporter: and it's clearly one thing he told me and talking to tom strategists tonight. they said listen, he's still going to go after president obama, but newt gingrich is now also a target. so they have
maybe we should send some politicians up there. gwen: florida is pivotal, again. meanwhile, the man they want to beat wraps himself inspect trappings of the presidency -- whether traveling the country -- >> hello, nevada. gwen: or delivering a pointed state of the union address. >> the state of our union is getting stronger. gwen: but is the economy rebounding quickly enough? covering the week, dan balz of the "washington post." john dickerson of "slate" magazine and cbs news, jackie calmes of the "new york times," and david wessel of "the wall street journal." >> award winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens. live in our nation's capital, this is "washington week with gwen ifill & national journal," pursuitsed -- corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> it's a powerful thing. it connects the global economy to your living room. cleaner air to stronger markets. factory floors to less crowded roads. today's progress to tomorrow's promise. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. >> this rock has never stood still. since 1875, we've
's "hardball." thanks for being with us. stay with msnbc now for full coverage of the florida primary. >>> it's never happened before, the first three races for the republican nomination, three different winners. but tonight, it's number four and this volatile contest is swinging back toward mitt romney. >> i'm beginning to feel we might win tomorrow what do you think? >> the romney campaign's key florida advantage, money, lots of money. >> he has a basic policy of carpet bombing his opponent. he doesn't try to build up mitt romney, he just tries to tear down whoever he is running against. >> but anyone expecting newt gingrich to go quietly does not know newt gingrich. >> we will go all the way to the convention. i believe republican party will not nominate a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase moderate from massachusetts. >> ron paul and rick santorum already moving on, looking long term, looking north and west. >> understand there's a business around here, i think ll bean, been around 100 years. obviously, we are near missouri because we believe we can win missouri. >> it is a d
on the race for the white house. >> newt gingrich seizes the lead as the campaign heads for florida. >> newt gingrich is south carolina's choice. it's a major blow to mitt romney's campaign. >> this is a hard fight because there's so much worth fighting for. >> four republicans went into this southern brawl. who will be left standing as the contest moves to florida? the votes are in. south carolina has spoken. and the biggest battleground yet is still ahead. rick santorum at 17%. ron paul at 13%. all the candidates say they are moving forward to florida. we have reporters stationed throughout south carolina as we have for the last several weeks. let's start off with gingrich headquarters. there are still a lot of folks there, romney headquarters looks like a ghostown. does the candidate move to florida tomorrow? >> reporter: you know, we're still waiting to hear about his travel plans. it's been on interesting day watching the gingrich campaign. this is a candidate who tends to shoot from the hip. i did catch up with somebody a few moments ago and they were watching the returns come in on th
will be in the state of florida. thank you for your help with that. i think we will send a strong message when we tell president obama that floridians do not want what he is selling. we fight back against the individual mandates both state and federal. i first became aware of rick santorum 10 years ago. i saw a speech on the senate floor. it was on the life issue. flipping through c-span and i saw it. i stopped to listen. i was captivated by the elegance of this man articulating the issue. a lot of politicians do not want to speak boldly about that because the ruffles some others. this is a band that spoke boldly about something he believed in regardless of the political peril. i watched his career since then and i have watched him make decisions that were sometimes politically unpopular. he made them recently, including friday when i was talking to him about an issue. i said, that might not go over so well in our state. he said, that is what i believe and that is what i will say. do you know how rare that is in tallahassee and washington? we need a man who will stand up and do the right thing regardl
. >> only the last week or so. rye out in in florida people are voting. looks like mitt romney's new strategy worked. poll after poll shows he's going to win today after turning up his attacks. the question is, how much will he win by? and newt gingrich isn't letting up on attacks of his own. >> you cannot get to the president if you don't have the courage to tell the truth to the american people. >> i know the speaker's not real happy. speaker gingrich. not excited these days. it's sad. flailing around trying to go after me for one thing or the other. >> let me bring in msnbc political analyst michael steele who's down in florida. good morning. >> hey. how you doing? >> maybe the bigger question is, every day these guys go after each other with all the negative ads, all the attacks. is it hurting you guys in the big picture? republicans? >> i believe it is. i think it's beginning to form an armed camp with the gop at the grass roots level. my concern is coming out of this, certainly going into future contests, most especially getting to the convention, whether or not people are goin
at the stars going "why aren't i in florida"? tuesday we'll make up for it. >> have a great one. >> thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. i got to tell you, florida is tomorrow night, florida is tuesday, but in my mind, honestly in politics, it's nevada week. it is florida week, too, right? but really, it's sort of nevada week. we're getting blanket political coverage about what is happening in the florida primary. this is a good argument to be made nevada ought to be as important as florida is. this is a week with two tent poles, florida and nevada both. even though florida will have as many republicans voting in their primary as the number who voted in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina combined and then some, a win in florida this year is worth precisely half as much as a win in florida has been worth in previous years. because florida wanted to be seen as really important in this year's presidential race, they intentionally broke the republican party's rules, when they moved up their primary date to make it early, to make it happen in january. florida move
but they have less than two times the number of nevada's delegates. florida has 50 delegates, nevada has 28. also, it should be noted we at least sort of thing we know what is going happen in florida. if you believe the polls, right? if you tivo a big football game and make the mistake of looking at the final score, takes away the umph, anything could happen, anything could happen tomorrow in florida. volatility is the only constant in this year's republican nominating race. but when you look at the latest polls out of florida the day before the primary. mitt romney is ahead by 20 points in the latest suffolk poll. leads newt gingrich by 15 points in the latest nbc news-maris pole. ahead by 14 points in quinnipiac. why is mitt romney leading by huge numbers in florida? in part because he has been running for president for six years. he has been running in florida for all those six years. two million buck as week to advertise in florida's major media markets. mitt romney and his campaign, after all made of money, they have been campaigning for months before anyone else had ads
the first look at florida primary exit poll data. live from america's election headquarters in new york, this is special report. >> good evening, i'm bret baier coming to you from fox news headquarters in new york and actually standing in the decision desk room where our experts and analysts will look over the exit poll data and the count to make a call tonight. florida is the biggest test to date for the republican presidential candidates and winner take all candidate could take momentum for mitt romney or give newt gingrich's a second campaign in a row. and we're tacking at what voters are telling us on the way out of the poll. my colleague is here with the commit results. >> let's take a look at what we've got. everybody is still voting and we're starting to see the trends in the exit polls that are quite interesting. this nomination process has really been a tug-of-war between two questions, and that is electability, and who is the true conservative in this race. and so, for those who say that winning in november is the most important trait. they're going for mitt romney, 58% to 33
" for tuesday, january 31, 2012. it is primary day in florida and the polls are opening right now. the republican candidates for president are fighting for delegates in the sunshine state. c-span will air coverage of the results tonight on c-span2. you can find out more on c- the latest poll of likely florida voters shows mitt romney leading newt gingrich, followed by rick santorum and ron paul. here are the numbers to call. if you are a florida voter, you can join the conversation. you can also e-mail us at, or bonds witton twitter. we are on facebook. let's look at the "tampa bay times." it says, "today, florida decides." host: taking a look at how "the new york times" is covering the story on the front page, giving images of both mitt romney and newt gingrich out on the campaign trail. it says -- host: looking at how newt gingrich is seeing his campaign, how his supporters are dealing with their concerns about his decline in the polls. it says -- "newt gingrich and his aides insist they see a path to the republican presidential nomination." what do
nomination shifted to newt gingrich as the candidates turn their attention from south carolina to florida. the next primary battleground. chief political correspondent carl cameron begins our coverage in panel the. >> reporter: buoyed by the south carolina victory over mitt romney, newt gingrich rallied a sparse crowd in tampa and urged conservatives to unite around the candidacy and reject tort of romney attacks. >> we moved from romney is pious to romney is -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: since the south carolina win, russell poll on sunday shows gingrich leading romney 41 to to 32. rick santorum 11. ron paul 8%. when asked who will win the nomination romney blows away gingrich 52 to 35%. real clear politics average of polls shows it closer between gingrich and romney but most surveys were taken before the speaker south carolina triumph. after weeks of defensive hedging, romney will release the 2010 tax returns and 2011 estimate on tuesday. in five straight appearances since the south carolina loss, romney assails gingrich as erratic, unreliable and unethical former speaker of the house t
gingrich defiant as florida republicans cast ballots in today's winner take all primary. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, we get the latest on the battle for 50 delegates in the sunshine state, and we talk with its junior senator, marco rubio. >> ifill: then ray suarez interviews susan rice, u.s. ambassador to the united nations, about the security council resolution calling for syria's leader to step down. >> woodruff: from germany, margaret warner reports on reaction to the european union's fiscal discipline deal. >> ifill: as florida votes, jeffrey brown examines the foreclosure crisis that has depressed housing prices there and around the country. >> woodruff: and we close with more on the political campaign from mark shields and david brooks. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and
, after that florida primary, the nominee will have been crowned. not the case. now it means many more states will matter, doesn't it? >> that was one of those analysts because -- i think we were all looking at that. mitt romney had the most money, the best organization, he had the momentum. he won iowa. until he didn't win iowa. we knew he was going to win new hampshire handily. he was up double digits on newt gingrich coming into this week. it was inevitable. he had the momentum. all of a sudden, the wheels came off the cart. mitt romney's campaign has imploded at least at this moment. newt gingrich is on the rise. >> why did the wheels come off? are we talking about the -- going back and forth with whether he was going to release the tax information? >> it was because i think what people were taking away from that is that he was trying to hide something. and, you know, american people don't want that. they want some kind of openness. they want to get to know you. they want to connect with you. mitt romney had a difficult time connecting with people as. with he's a very nice man, a v
, florida. until then, thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. the news continues next on cnn. >>> good evening, everyone. from the university of northern florida our cnn final showdown before tuesday's important florida gop presidential primary. warming up, newt gingrich calls the mitt romney campaign dishonest and hypocritical, a sure sign he knows the former massachusetts governor has opened a small lead here. plus debate advice from the former florida governor jeb bush. you won't want to miss his advice to speaker gingrich. we learned today, surprise hillary clinton is not watching the republican debates. but the secretary of state did share some thoughts on her political future. >>> you can seat energy and the excitement here on the university of north florida campus just two hours now until our republican presidential debate here. the last showdown between the four candidates before florida votes on tuesday. polls show a close race between newt gingrich and mitt romney. the house speaker's team knows this could be the final chance to swing the flori
. it is on. good morning, everybody. live look in florida. that is mitt romney meeting with vogters at the moment. he will join us as soon as that event is over live here in "america's newsroom." we'll have a big morning here as we try and shake down saturday and look forward to florida next. i think we have two super bowls at the moment. very different. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. martha: what a weekend, all around. political world and also on the football field. what a weekend, folks. good morning, everybody, we're glad you're here. i'm martha maccallum. you have this battle underway in florida. big win for newt gingrich on saturday in south carolina's primary the candidates making stops in the sunshine state. they're now eight days away. there is no rest for these folks. mitt romney turning up the heat big-time on newt gingrich right now. here is a piece of it. >> he was speaker for four years. then he had to resign in disgrace. and then he has been a lobbyist for the last 15 years, influence pedaling throughout the years. helping freddie mac of all people. he was historian. i
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 5,794 (some duplicates have been removed)